1991 Rainey Sheen Bike

1991 Rainey bike Specifications -

Costin 1988-1992 frame

Costin 1998-1992 rear sets

Costin - Alloy subframe, suspension linkages, brake mounts, dash sub frame, brake mounts, handlebars, fairing mounts, Radiator mounts etc

Costin GP steel exhaust and carbon silencers

Costin electrical system

Ohlins forks and R6 shock, R1 triples

R6 radiator

636 front and rear discs

Brembo front and rear calipers

1991 YZR500 fairing, screen, rear hugger and seat units

Engine specs-

Stan Stephens stage 3 tuned cylinders, heads, p/valves

RZ500 performance cranks, seals and gaskets

Pro-X pistons

New Yamaha gaskets and seals

Chemically cleaned cases / cyls / heads

Machined stainless cap screws

Re-built by MiCo Products


Standard RZ500 carbs rebuilt with Keyster carb kit

Carbs rebuilt with dial-a-jet application